The production process of touch screen

October 17, 2023

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The production process of touch screen includes the following steps: 1. Substrate preparation. Make transparent substrates according to design requirements. 2. Conductive film coating. By coating a conductive film on a substrate, different materials such as indium tin oxide, copper and metal oxides can be used. 3. Barrier coating. A layer of barrier agent is applied to the conductive film to prevent electrostatic interference and impurities. 4. Electrode pattern printing. Silver pastes in red, green and blue are printed on the surface of the barrier according to a specific pattern. 5. Bake. The printed electrodes are heated in an oven and cured at high temperatures. 6. Package preparation. The two layers of substrates are packaged and combined into one.


ShenZhen Ever Glory was found in 2011, with 20,000 m2 production facilities located in Dongguan city. we have 12 years experience in touch panel, touch monitor and touch display field. Our size is covering from 5 inch to 75 inch with industrial grade design and quality, We have rich experience with EETI, Ilitek, Weida IC solutions, Our R&D team is consisted of 15 people who can support fast & deep calibration service for the diverse requirements of different projects .

With the setup of our own production lines for Cover Glass, Touch Panel, Optical Bonding, Touch Monitors all in house, We are able to offer very flexible customization with low MOQ, 1-2 days for drawing, 7-10 days for samples customization, 20-25 days for mass production